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BEN is a one hour Channel 4 film shot over three years in Biejing, the UK and New Zealand. It follows Paralympic sprinter Ben Rushgrove from the Biejing Olympics to the World Championships in New Zealand. And looks forward to his performance at London 2012.

Ben Rushgrove is in training for London 2012. He won a silver medal in his 100 metres at Beijing – now he wants to get gold. This intimate and inspirational portrait of one of Britain's leading Paralympians traces his battles from birth – through school, with society's perceptions of disability, and with his own body. Starting at Beijing, it follows Ben to the fiercely contested 2011 World Championships in New Zealand, part of the build up to 2012. He's in the company of his tightly knit training group of fellow Paralympians and able bodied athletes, led by their revolutionary coach Rob Ellchuk.

Despite the constant injuries caused by his cerebral palsy, Ben is known as the big sprinter with the big laugh. "It's not about what I can't do, it's about what I can do," he says. Part of the current new wave of documentaries, BEN shows why disability sports are so important - and why Ben's mantra applies to everyone. Visit the website

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Watch the complete film on VIMEO (in 4 parts)

BEN: Part 1

BEN - Part 1 - Ch4 Documentory from John Edwards on Vimeo.

BEN: Part 2

BEN - Part 2 - Ch4 Documentory from John Edwards on Vimeo.

BEN : Part 3

BEN - Part 3 - Ch4 Documentory from John Edwards on Vimeo.

BEN : Part 4

BEN - Part 4 - Ch4 Documentory from John Edwards on Vimeo.

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